Consultation through Skype videoconference

 Consultation through Skype videoconference

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The consultation through Skype videoconferenze service that our firm offers, allows the client to receive a legal consultation comfortably through email, by a specialist in the field of interest, without the need to go to our office.

Steps for our professional service
1- We will look at the information you send.
2- We will establish the best strategy for your case.
3- We will determine a possible solution or solutions in case there is more than one.

Your request will be answered within three working days from the receipt of your case.
We will send you a free quote with no obligation, with the name of the professional assigned to the case, the time and date of the meeting through Skype, the estimated time of resolution (which can change according to the complexity of the case), the methods of payment, as well as the law that applies to the case.

Upon receipt of payment, we will issue a bill and send it along with the legal advice.
All services will be paid in advance.

To request a legal through Skype videoconference it is required to send an email, specifyings that you prefer a videoconferenze, the objective of the case and a brief explanation to the following email address:
In the case of complex situations that cannot be resolved online, it is our obligation to propose to the client a visit to our legal office.
We reserve the right to offer our services to whom we consider. There is no obligation, on our part or the client’s part, to continue the service after an estimate is issued. The fact that no payment is received implicates the waiver of the services.